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Policies & Procedures

Our School Policy

At Foot Fusion School of Dance, we are dedicated to helping each child develop into the best dancer they can and want to be. We give equal attention to all of our dancers and we believe that hard work produces achievement. 

Our policies have been developed carefully to alleviate any possible confusion concerning our approach to your child’s dance training at Foot Fusion School of Dance. These policies are based on over 14 years of dance instruction and past experiences. After you have read through all of our policies, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


When you start your child at Foot Fusion School of Dance you will be asked to sign that you agree and understand these policies and procedures.

Why choose dance?

Dance develops motor skills and coordination.

Dance builds self-esteem and confidence.

Dance promotes a physical well-being and healthy lifestyle.

Dance teaches socialization skills and the importance of teamwork.

Dance inspires self-discipline, self-pride and responsibility.

Dance facilitates creative expression through the joy of movement.

Foot Fusion School of Dance Policy Information

The following information is a breakdown of all of our policies. Please familiarize yourself and your child with this information. We have updated many of our guidelines, so please take the time to read through each section thoroughly. These policies will be enforced; so if you have any questions concerning any of our policies do not hesitate to contact me on 07904 380836 or

Payment Procedures

Payments need to be handed in at reception at the beginning of each lesson.

Cheques are not accepted as a form of payment. Sorry for any inconvenience.


20 Minutes

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

1 Hour

1 Hour 30 Minutes






*Please note that you will be charged in full for EVERY missed lesson your child takes part in. This will ensure your child retains a place within the group.

Paying in Advance

I know some of you prefer to pay for your child’s lessons termly. This is not a problem and we are happy to do this for you, however please be aware that if your child is absent there will be no reimbursement.

Re-joining Fee

If you should leave Foot Fusion and decide to re-join in the future you would then have to pay the £20 joining fee again. 


*Lessons will be charged in full for the first 3 months of absences, after that time you will be charged a £20 re-joining fee.

** Please be aware that after a long absence your child may not be placed back into their previous class.


All absences must be paid for.

When you enroll your child in a class, you are paying us to hold a place in class for your child; therefore each student is expected to attend all dance sessions.

Students should avoid missing consecutive dance classes. If your child is excessively absent for any reason, they may not be allowed to participate in exam sessions or our annual show routines. 

Teachers will not slow the pace of their class to accommodate a student who does not attend class regularly.

One absent dancer not only affects the progress of the individual, it also inhibits the progress of the entire class.

Students should arrive at least 10 minutes before class so they will be ready to begin. Entering class after it has begun is disruptive to the teacher and other students, so if your child is late, please advise him/her to enter class quickly and quietly.

If a child is to be picked up before the end of class, please inform the instructor prior to the start of class and let her know what time your child will need to leave. 

Cancellations of Classes

In the event of bad weather, we will decide as early as possible as to cancel lessons or not.

Notices will be sent out via text and will also be put on the Foot Fusion Website, Facebook and Instagram. The above procedure will also apply if lessons are cancelled for any other reason.

If you have already prepaid for a lesson and it gets cancelled then a credit note will be given to you.

Performing Opportunities

At Foot Fusion we are happy for students to participate in other performing opportunities outside of the dance school (e.g. Pantomimes, Amateur dramatic companies etc) However, please be aware that any missed lessons will still have to be PAID for in FULL, should rehearsals or performances clash with Foot Fusion lessons.

Student & Studio Behaviour
  • Excessive talking or other misbehaviour will not be tolerated and may result in the student being asked to observe the class instead of participating. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors. 


  • ABSOLUTELY NO chewing gum, food or fizzy drinks are permitted in any of the dance studios.


  • Mobile Phones are to be left on silent in the Changing Rooms.


  • Food should only be consumed in the Hub.


  • Please make sure all litter goes in the bin and you leave the rooms as you find them. Bins are located throughout the studio and are easy to locate. 


  • Siblings not participating in a dance class must be accompanied by a parent at all times. Children running around without supervision through the studio/waiting area during class times are disruptive to the students as well as the parents waiting for their children.

  • Bullying is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Any child seen to be bullying another child will be spoken to. If their behavior does not improve and the bullying continues, the parents/guardians of both parties will be informed. If the bullying still continues the child doing the bullying will be asked to leave the dance school.

Dress Code
  • Please make sure the correct uniform is worn to every class. 


  • Hair must be in a bun for all lessons (except Street Dance lessons where a high slicked back ponytail is acceptable) and regulation headbands must be worn at all times. NO BUN - NO LESSON!


  • Leotards must be worn for ballet, tap & modern. Baggy clothes are not acceptable as they hide technical flaws that the teacher cannot correct when hidden.


  • If your child is new, I would ask that they wear leggings or shorts, t-shirt and school type pumps. 


  • Casual skirts, dresses and anything denim are not acceptable. 


  • No jewellery to be worn apart from studded earrings


  • Please could you make sure all items of uniform, shoes, bags and drink containers are named. This is especially important as we often have items left behind after class.

Personal Possessions
  • Please bring all personal items in a bag that closes securely. Loose items are liable to get lost or picked up accidentally by another child. 


  • Please label all personal items with your childs name in permanent ink to cut down on lost items. If your child misplaces a belonging, please check the lost & found.


  • We discard unlabelled, unclaimed items at the end of EACH MONTH. 


  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost items, labelled or unclaimed items. DO NOT BRING VALUABLE ITEMS TO THE STUDIO.


We are often sending letters home with your child. Please ask and check dance bags every week to be sure you are fully informed. 

In the event of letters being lost or misplaced, we will have spare copies available at reception for a small fee of 25p/50p.

You can also refer to this website for additional information.

All upcoming dates and events will be posted on this website under the “DATES FOR YOUR DIARY”section.

We also have a “Foot Fusion Members Only” page on Facebook. This is for parents and students only. 

Collecting your child

Any child still in Primary School will need one parent/carer (who is 18yrs+) to come up to the dance studio to collect their child at the end of class. Our staff are not responsible for bringing children down the stairs to parents/carers. 


If your child is in Secondary School and you are happy for them to leave class by themselves then this is at your discretion. However, I strongly recommend that a parent/carer comes into the building to collect their child and do not wait in the carpark. 

Pick up Promptly

Students must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after class. 

Please contact Dianne or Miss Penny immediately if an emergency has occurred and you cannot collect your child on time. 

If your child is in one of the last classes of the day, a late pickup fee of £5 is imposed if we have to wait more than 15 minutes for your child to be picked up. Many of our staff members have other jobs or families that they need to tend to.

Class Observation

Even the quietest observers do distract students and can make them self-conscious or apprehensive if they are constantly watched. Although the physical design of our studio allows parents to watch at any time, please DO NOT enter the classroom during the course of the class for any reason, even if the class is changing shoes or taking a break. If your child needs you a member of staff will come and fetch you.

Placement Policy

Our staff is extremely careful and concerned when choosing the correct level class for each student. It is very important to remember that all students are individuals with very different talents, skills and ability levels; they will not progress at the same rate. In maintaining a high quality of dance education, it is therefore sometimes impossible to keep the same students together in class year after year. The most important thing is that the student should be comfortable in their learning environment, not inhibited. We are a progressive studio and ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE CHALLENGING.

  • Just because your Childs class does not change does not mean they will not learn anything new. 


  • Please do not become a competitive parent and want your child in a certain class because you think it is more advanced or a harder class. Class placement is at the discretion of the Principle. We cannot stress enough that since every child is not equally talented, they cannot all show the same progress rate.


  • Beware of becoming the classic STAGE PARENT who pushes their children beyond their capabilities or interest in dance. Children of these parents usually become frustrated with their dancing and want to quit, never realizing that dance is supposed to be fun.


  • The teacher judgment must be respected first and foremost. It is normal for every parent to view their child as the best dancer in the class but remember the teacher is looking at your child through trained, expert eyes. If the teacher’s judgment is not respected in all areas of your child’s training, his or her dance education may be compromised.


  • Foot Fusion School of Dance prides itself on having a friendly, family-like atmosphere with enough strong instructors to help each dancer develop into the best that he or she can and WANTS to be. From time to time, our teachers must make decisions whereby certain students are chosen for solos, competition groups or special parts or auditions. These decisions are not easily made and are thought out carefully. The parents and teachers must work together to help students understand that not all students can be chosen for all things. We want our students to be happy and supportive of each other. It is our intention to teach the students to learn from each other and to be motivated by each other.


We encourage all of our students to work hard and become the best dancers they can be, but they must work at a level that is suitable for them. Many students are easily discouraged when they are placed in too difficult a class.

We strongly believe Ballet to be the core of a dance education. Many techniques required for tap, modern and lyrical are based on ballet technique. We do not expect our students to become prima ballerinas, but we do expect them to understand the importance of ballet in becoming a better modern, lyrical and tap dancer.

I.D.T.A Examinations

Exam sessions are an excellent way to develop dance skills and confidence. Please be assured that the exams should be a fun and disciplined way for children to show off their ability and receive a qualification for it. 

We always try to make sure that they do not feel pressured. 

We will only enter children who we know are ready for an exam. Nobody wants a child to go into an exam and not succeed.

Annual Foot Fusion Shows

Every year we put on a show at Deda and we try and run our shows as professionally as possible. 


This is a brilliant experience and confidence builder for your child. It is also a chance for you to see your child perform on stage and see how they have progressed from one year to the next.


A different costume is required for each dance routine your child takes part in. Please note that you have to pay for these costumes, which you keep at the end of the shows. (I always try and keep the cost down when ordering costumes.) 


We appreciate the opportunity to share our love of dance with your child. We are also looking forward to an exciting year for you and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child dance education. There is no doubt that with the cooperation of the staff, students and parents we can continue to achieve excellence in the art of dance.

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