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Here's what our students and parents say about Foot Fusion


"Foot fusion is just amazing. It is such a friendly, loving environment where everyone is welcomed with open arms. The staff and teachers are fantastic and you’ll never see anyone without a smile. Nearly 11 years at Foot Fusion and there has never been a bad moment. I can’t thank everyone enough for making my time here so far so special".

Hannah Griggs

Age 13 - Member of Foot Fusion

7th January 2020

"Where them girls at' show was fantastic. Well done to all involved for your imagination, talent, commitment, enthusiasm and energy. Beautiful, powerful, moving".

Walter Blackburn

Grandad of Caitlyn & Rebecca Deal

9th October 2017

"What a fabulous show. Such dedication and hard work by students, helpers and Miss Penny🎉🎶🎊💃👯❤️❤️❤️ X x x "

Lisa Allen

Foot Fusion Parent

8th October 2017

"Absolutely amazing dance school, full of welcoming people who are one big family, the classes are fun as well as hard working, you will always come out of class having improved. The teachers always give you the best as I've been there for 9 years and just left. And I've been given some great experiences. I'd be happy to tell anyone to go to foot fusion there are some fab teachers, everyone just one big family! Go ahead and give it a go :)xx"

Chanel Moss

Former pupil, now qualified teacher of FF

12th October 2015

"I like Foot Fusion School of Dance because it's really fun and I wish I went everyday. They make us better at dancing. They push us so we get better at splits, leaps, turns and lots of other things. I love it so much".

Esme Blackshaw

Age 10 - Member of Foot Fusion

14th January 2020

My two daughters go here for ballet tap and modern. My youngest is just 3 and even she loves it! They've just put on an amazing show and we all had so much fun doing it. That's what dancing at this age should be about!

Susannah Deal

Foot Fusion Parent

5th October 2015

"I like Foot Fusion because it's like one big family and it's a nice environment to be in".

Sophie Stone

Age 10 - Member of Foot Fusion

30th October 2019

"My daughter has been dancing with Foot Fusion since she was 3 years old and I couldn't ask for anymore from a dance school. The devotion that Miss Penny and her staff give is amazing. the respect that the children have for the teachers and each other is exceptional. The opportunities and confidence the school has given to my daughter, and not forgetting the friendships she has made but also the friendships I have made. I love being part of the Foot Fusion family".

Andrea Stone

Foot Fusion Parent

25th August 2019

"Foot Fusion is a supportive school who embrace every student welcoming them into a big dance family.  Students are given the opportunity to take exams, perform in shows and audition for the Performers group where they are then able to take part in competitions, as well as perform in a variety of venues, events and Disney. 
We are thankful for all the nurturing and support that our children have received over the years".

Sarah Patton

Foot Fusion Parent

4th February 2020

"My daughter absolutely loves going to dance!!! Lovely and welcoming ladies. Such a lovely atmosphere and made my daughters first dance experience a joy! Thank you ladies".

Mel Marsden

Foot Fusion Parent

2nd April 2017

"Amazing friendly dance school. My daughter absolutely loves it!!
Helps with kids confidence, and keeps them healthy too! Thank you xx "

Samantha Jackson

Foot Fusion Parent

1st March 2017

"My son has downs syndrome and started at foot fusion last week. He's never settled well at a dance school before this one. He loves his teacher, and seems he is fitting in great here.
Lovely staff and pupils. So glad I found this school. I can see us all having a great time with foot fusion. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get their children into dance". X

Tasha Allen

Foot Fusion Parent

19th January 2017

"Foot Fusion is the best dance school in the world. I have had some trouble at school but everyone at the dance school supported me and got me through the tough time in my life. Everyone is so nice. It's a second home and a second family".

Summer Clutten

Age 10 - Member of Foot Fusion

18th December 2019

"It is the most amazing environment with such lovely people who are all so friendly! I love spending my time there and would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn to dance but still have fun"!! ❤️ xx

Bridget Harbourough

Former pupil, now trainee teacher of FF

18th February 2016

"I love Foot Fusion Dance School because it feels like home. I have got lots of friends by my side and everyone is so friendly. They are also very helpful. I have been to lots of different dance schools but this is best for sure".

Caitlyn Deal

Age 10 - Member of Foot Fusion

20th December 2019

"I could not imagine a life without being a part of Foot Fusion! It's like being accepted into an extended family but also being pushed to do your best! There are so many dance styles to learn, all taught by the most incredible teachers. I could not recommend Foot Fusion enough"!

Mia Carey-Parsons

Foot Fusion Senior Member

23rd January 2020

"Foot Fusion is like a second home that comes with a second family... I have been at foot Fusion for nearly all my life and the bonds that I have made are so strong that they will last all my life... Miss Penny is always there for everyone, she can have a laugh or more like we laugh at her 😂 but she is always someone who will listen... all of the staff are so lovely and excellent teachers! I love Foot Fusion and I improve every day, not only my dancing but my confidence has really boosted! So thank you Foot Fusion!" Quincy :)) xx

Anna Quince-Fleming

Age 14 - Foot Fusion Member

24th March 2021

"I like dance because it helps you make new friends. It also helps you build your confidence. Everyone welcomes you and helps you when you need it".

Ella Marsden

Age 10 - Member of Foot Fusion

5th January 2020

"Excellent dance school where everyone is welcoming, friendly and supportive. My daughter's confidence has grown and it's given her the chance to make lots of friends outside school".

Sam Blackshaw

Foot Fusion Parent

2nd  January 2020
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